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Solen The Magician Tells,
"How I Do Magic"

Greetings! I, Solen the Magician, work traditional magic for all kinds of people. I work with the spirits to do magic.Sometimes I take off bad magic sent by other people. Sometimes, I do magic to bring back a lover, or to help a person have money. I work to help people get ahead in life, and have what they want, whatever makes them happy.

I am a member of "The Roots Without End Society" an international vodou congregation based in Jacmel, Haiti. I was a magician before I became initiated as a hounsi in The Roots Without End Society, but now that I am a member, I have help from everyone at the house. My mother in Vodou, Mambo Racine Sans Bout, took pictures of me doing magic, and my kanzo brothers and sisters, the other initiates of our house, helped me with the work.

To do this work the spirits must be fed. They require sacrifice, and I give it to them. The animals we sacrifice we eat. The blood is for the spirits and the meat is for the people.

Below is a short photo essay showing you how I work, and how I can work for you! I can't promise you a 100% guarantee,and the truth is no-one can. What I can promise you is that I perform authentic ceremonies, rituals that I learned from my Bokor father and my grandmother as well from my vodou linage.And I usually get good results.

The first thing I do when I do magic is, I pray. I light a candle and ask God first of all to help me, and there is only one God. Then I ask the invisible ones, the spirits, the lwa, to come to me. And I ask my lwa, in this case Ogoun Zye Wouj, to come to me. His name means "Red Eyed Ogoun". He is a very strong lwa, a Petro lwa.

When Ogoun Zye Wouj comes to my head, he greets everyone! Here he is greeting a houngan in The Roots Without End Society, Houngan Wolmer. He shakes hands, and everyone present sings for him. Here are the words to one of the songs we sing:

Ogoun Zye Wouj O!Konso Yo Ye,
Ogoun Zye Wouj O!Konso Yo Ye,
Ogoun Zye Wouj O!Konso Yo Ye,Ogoun Zye Wouj O!Konso Yo Ye,
Bouch manje tout manje, li pa pale tout pawoul,
Ogoun Zye Wouj O!Konso Yo Ye,

In english it means: Ogoun Zye Wouj O! Thats how they are,
The mouth eats all things, it doesnt talk all its talk,
Ogoun Zye Wouj O! Thats how they are,

In other words, you can eat any kind of food with your mouth, but you are not supposed to use your mouth say any kind of thing! If you are a grown man for real, you are the one that should have control over your mouth, and not the other way around. This is a warning for people who talk too much, "thats how they are", and the song calls Ogoun Zye Wouj's attention to people who talk too much, especially about Magical things, so that he might punish and correct them.

In this ceremony, I had two clients to work for. I am not going to name their names, of course! But I will show you what I did. The first client wanted his girlfriend to come back to him. I thought that was a good idea, so I agreed to do the work. And while my lwa was in my head, Mambo Racine presented the two chickens that the client had to sacrifice. The lwa took the chickens, and spoke to them, and said that he and his girlfriend should live very happily.

Then Ogoun killed his chickens by wringing their necks, very quickly, and with his mouth he pulled on their necks like he was sucking their blood. But people who watch me when he is in my head say he doesn't actually drink the blood of the sacrificial animals or bite them. Instead he pulls something out of the animal, he draws energy out of them. And even if they are alive to start with, itbecomes weak and starts falling down. He does that to goats before we kill them, and the goats just stagger away when Ogoun Zye Wouj is done drawing energy out of them, they can't stand up. Once Ogoun Zye Wouj is finished, we kill the animal if it is not already dead.

Another client wanted some work on the same day. This was some private work, I am not going to even say what it was. But the client had to give a goat to my spirit, to pay for the work.When Ogoun Zye Wouj was finished with the chickens, Mambo Racine talked to him about the second client and what he needed.The Lwa said he would do the work, but he wanted his goat to be washed clean in fresh water, and certain leaves. Houngan Wolmer washed the goat, and Ogoun Zye Wouj stayed in my head and did the magic!

Once Ogoun Zye Wouj had draw the life energy out of the goat, another Roots Without End Society member came to help me. Hounsi Ti-Fre and Houngan Wolmer helped the goat over to the side of the peristyle, because it couldn't walk it was so weak. And they killed it, and gathered the blood in a calabash bowl for my lwa.

The Roots Without End Society cleaned the animals and cooked the meat. We also cooked special foods like yam, sweet potatos, and other things. The lwa take cetain parts of each animal The food that belongs to my spirit