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The Raven Rules
Anyone who knows Raven and alot of people who do not will tell you. I don't do anything halfassed. After I retired from tattooing fulltime I realized I had alot of life left and no real plans about what I should do with it. Feasibly I could live another 20 years. I've loved these dogs most of my life and I can't think of another thing I'd rather do than spend whats left of my life in search of the perfect pit. However while looking around I found alot of what I don't want to be, or even associated with. Here are the promises I am making to the enthusiasts and the noble dog itself, what we old school dog folk like to call "The Bulldog",and the new kids call the APBT or Pit,the most noble breed on the planet no matter what you call it.These are our promises for the generations to come in order to preserve and protect the red nose line.

(Hey lady you gonna gimme a piece of that sandwich, or ya just gonna keep holdin it in the air like that?)

Promises we make for the good of our breed.

1... We will never breed a bitch less than 18 months old older if deemed nessasary.(At the Descretion of the Raven)

2... We will not breed a stud less than 18 months old.

3... We will not breed a brood bitch more than 1 time every six months, that is the bitch may not be pregnant more than two times yearly, period.
We are not interested in quantity but demand quality.

4... All paper work must be in order and not seem sketchy ie. birthdates descriptions off ect.

5... No dog or bitch will be torn up excessively, scarring from obvious fighting is NOT allowed. Aggressives need not apply. WE DONT CARE ABOUT GAME don't refer to it! This is not tough or badass ITS JUST STUPID.

6... The Raven reserves the right to "check" in on The pups that come out of Red to the Bone Kennels. If you are found to be failing to provide for the pup we reserve the right to snatch it back and trust me....We are not kidding!

7... If you are found to be involved in any slimey, nudge, nudge, dog fighting we reserve the right to take your pup and prosecute you to the fullest extent.We may even reserve a black eye for you.

8... Though we understand the personal choices people make in cropping or docking, Our puppies come with all the pieces, it is up to you to cut them off. We prefer all the pieces on ours thanks.

9... Males should fall below 90 lbs fully grown, should NOT have excessive facial,or neck skin, females should fall at or below 60 lbs full grown. We are not into the super size with the exagerated over size heads. We want to preserve the line and the look of the original APBT. I have seen what is being done underground with Taosa and American bulldog crosses....and size really doesnt matter here I am unimpressed.

10... All dogs shall fall within the weight and conformation standards of the breed as set forth by the AAPBA.In the Red Noses, Dudley (pink spots) noses and eyes are not preferred but a small amount maybe overlooked in lue of other excellent qualities it may possess.

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